Jerrin McKray was a mid-level agent of the Order of the Dragon Tamers. He was Shankz's boss and the one who sent him to investigate the Theramore jail. After Shankz lost his memory and disappeared, McKray came to Theramore to find him. Ensligosa became aware of his presence in the city, and sent Shankz and Turion to "investigate" him. McKray explained to Shankz that he was a Tamer and together they figured out that the warden was the Dragonkin and the one who had erased Shankz's memory. McKray used the resources of the Order to equip himself, Shankz, and Turion for combat and to acquire forged documentation that would grant himself access to the prison. Once in the warden's office, McKray killed a man he thought was the warden. Ensligosa sprang her trap and subsequently murdered McKray.

Turion raised the politician and body blocked the bomb explosion in the Theramore prison.

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